Map of the 85mi Swan Falls loop. #1 my digs in Boise. #2 where I joined Kurt at the Chevron. #3 would be El Gallo Giro in Kuna. #4 the location of Swan Falls. #5 junction of Eagle Rd. #6 start of Pleasant Valley Rd. #7 my digs in Boise.

After getting together at 11am with Kurt at the Chevron on Cole Rd, we rode west on I-84 from Boise to Meridian, and took exit 44 onto southbound Highway 69 for 8 miles to East Avalon Avenue in Kuna. Right behind that road sign is the Kuna Lube 'N' Go. =8^) We then continued to downtown Kuna, and parked by the authentic Mexican restaurant, El Gallo Giro, for lunch.

Several miles south of Kuna is this scenic overlook from Dedication Point of Snake River Canyon. This is part of the National Conservation Area (NCA) Birds of Prey. Hey, there's a couple of restrooms at this location! :)

Swan Falls Scenic Overlook near end of Swan Falls Rd. The falls are actually on the other side of the dam. It's about a mile downhill from here to Swan Falls.

To the right is the winding road going downhill to Swan Falls. We didn't bother taking it as it was getting late, and colder by the minute.

Built in 1901 to provide electricity to nearby mines, Swan Falls is a historical point of interest because it's the oldest hydroelectric generating site on the Snake River. A new power plant was built in the mid-1990s. The old plant was decommissioned and converted into a historical display.

This is where all the images of Swan Falls were taken, and gives one an idea of how far above Swan Falls dam this turnout is. No cliff diving, please.

Another scenic view this time east of Swan Falls looking south towards the mountains.

After leaving Swan Falls, we stopped at this Western Heritage Historic Byway sign while heading north back towards Kuna, and our respective adobes on the backroads. On the last part of our loop was the Idaho State Correctional Institution out on Pleasant Valley Rd. It's the primary facility for long-term male, medium-custody offenders. Not that either of us had plans to hang there. :)